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We are your hometown Paso Robles’ solar and electrical experts offering a full-range of customized energy solutions for your residential, commercial or agricultural property. From new construction to remodels, our highly skilled team offers years of experience in the design, installation, maintenance and upgrades of electrical and renewable energy systems for the Central Coast.

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Solar Energy Systems

We are your local experts for custom solar power solutions. Whether you need a roof mount, ground mount or raised structure, we have the expertise to plan, design and install a solar system that substantially reduces your energy costs. We can help you secure financing if needed, and we’ll take care of all the paperwork and permitting. And with our unmatched customer service, you’ll be kept informed throughout the installation process and beyond.


Electrical Services

We meet all of your electrical needs whether your home or business uses solar, conventional power or a combination of both. Our experts analyze and repair any electrical problems, upgrade both conventional and solar electrical systems, or help you convert to solar.

Electrical System Packages

Electrical System Packages

Need a new electrical system or upgrades to your existing system? Our electricians design and install complete electrical packages to power home or business.  And if you need a system that can grow with your business, we can design and install a system that easily and cost-effectively sizes as your business expands.

Smart Home Automation

A smart home provides security, comfort, convenience and energy efficiency, whether you are home or not. The convenience of being able to communicate with appliances, such as lighting, heating or air conditioning, or program the TV to be ready when you arrive home is a level of luxury and convenience that is now available to every home owner. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling, we can customize a Smart Home system or upgrade to any level of security and convenience you wish.

LED Lighting

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is a lighting technology that has become less expensive than traditional incandescent or fluorescent lighting sources. The advantages of LED lighting over conventional sources include lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, smaller size and fewer environmental concerns. Contact us to plan a new LED lighting system for your home or business, or to help you convert from traditional lighting.

Generac Backup Power

We’re proud to be a dealer of Generac home backup generators that automatically protect your home during power outages. They’re significantly quieter than a portable generator and protect your home’s most essential circuits, like refrigerators, well pumps and select appliances, without having to manually set up during inclement weather, refuel, or run electrical cords.

Tesla Destination Charging Stations

Now Installing Tesla Destination Charging Stations

Become an electric vehicle magnet with charging stations from Tesla. Now your business can offer customers the added benefit of charging stations.

Your business will be marked on Tesla’s Map of Destination charging stations. This will add value to your property and attract high end customers that stay for longer periods of time, increasing the chance for sales.

CalSun Electric & Solar is a recommended installer for the Tesla Destination Charger Program. Contact us today so we can show you how easy it is to become a Tesla partner.